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GIBB, W. (c.1896) Folio,
"Naval & Military Trophies and Personal Relics of British Heroes"

Plate:           Tippoo Sultan’s Gun

Inventory No: NAPT.1999.000465
GIBB, W. (c.1896), British, Folio, "Naval & Military Trophies and Personal Relics of British Heroes"

Inventory No: NAPT.1999.000465
GIBB, W. (c.1896), British, Folio, "Naval & Military Trophies and Personal Relics of British Heroes"

Artist:           William Gibb (c.1896), Edinburgh, Scotland

Plate:            Tippoo Sultan’s Gun

Folio:          Naval and Military Trophies and Personal Relics of British Heroes”

Publisher:     John C. Nimmo, London, England

Printer:         Imprimerie Lemercier et cie

Edition:        First Edition

Published:    1896, this plate is the first of nine monthly parts of an excellent work designed by Mr. William Gibb, of Edinburgh, England, of whom was a Master Illustrator and Chromolithographer within the publishing industry. This work is a prime example of Mr. Gibb to set out the Navel and Military Glory of England by a serious of water-colour drawings to which the appended descriptive notes were by Mr. Richard R. Holmesą.  The induction within the Folio was by Viscount Wolseley.

Edition:        Plate 1 of 36

Date:            1896 (Acquired in 1978)

Medium:     Chromolithograph Plate, printed by Lemercier in Paris, heightened with Arabic gum.

Materials:     Water Color on Beige Pager;

Markings:     Signed. Lower Right Corner “W. Gibb”;

Dimensions: 16" x 12"

Framed:       Yes, this item has remained within a decoratively matted, original frame since acquired by Mr. Prince

Inventory No: NAPT.1999.000465

Provenance:  Neal Prince Trust u/a/d 10.18.1999

Mr. Neal Prince

James Papalia Gallery, Clifton, New Jersey

James Papalia (Dealer) for Marshall Fields & Company

Footnote:             THE LITERARY WORLD – BOOK REVIEWS, Page 44, Vol. 54, From the July to December 1896 Edition, James Clarke & Company, Publishers, 13 & 14 Fleet Street, E.C., London, England

Footnote:             This item is part of Mr. Prince's Chromolithograph Collection.





This elaborately ornamented fowling-piece was found at Seringapatam among the possessions of Tippoo Sultan. The barrel is polygonal at the muzzle, round in the centre, and octagonal at the breech; a rib of gilt metal runs along the upper surface broken by three perforated bands set with precious stones, and enriched with elaborate gilt ornament. There is a projecting silver sight near the centre of the barrel; the lock is of a richly decorated design. The trigger-guard and heel-plate are of silver enriched in plates with embossed work of gold. The stock is of walnut most richly inlaid with designs in silver. ON the sides of the butt are panels containing heads of apostles or prophets, surrounded by a nimbus, and above these panels are the half-length figures of bishops engraved in a similar manner. In a letter preserved in an old inventory of the Armory at Carlton House, it is said that this gun was presented to Tippoo by the Kind of Spain. It seems probable, however, it was brought to India earlier, as by the character of the work and ornamentation, and it must have been made in the Peninsula towards the beginning of the seventeenth century.

 From the Royal Collection, Windsor Castle.



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